Using a Drone for Roof Surveys, Building Surveys or Tree Surveys

Using a Drone for Roof Surveys, Building Surveys or Tree Surveys

Using a drone for aerial photography covers a wide range of applications that can save money and time for all involved. DRONEtalking, uses its quadcopter drones (UAV’s), to provide aerial building surveys, roof surveys, chimney and tower inspections, tree and land surveys.

Tree survey with a drone

Roof, Building & Tree Surveys #noLadder

If you need anything inspected that would usually need a ladder, scaffolding or a climber then you should try our drone service instead. DRONEtalking have all the relevant permissions from the CAA (PfCO) and are fully insured.

For surveying hard to access areas, large properties or agricultural areas then using a drone is  the ideal tool. If you are looking to inspect a roof or large property then it will also reduce health and safety risks. For areas that could be unsafe or difficult to reach a drone survey is the simplest solution.

Roof survey in Torbay using a drone

Our drones are equipped with 4k cameras that stream live pictures throughout the flight. You will be able to view the roof, building or trees live and have a complete copy of all the flight footage once we have finished. We can provide video and still images.

Unmanned aircraft (UAVs or drones) provide an efficient method to access tricky areas for aerial inspections whatever the location.

Building survey with drone

Using a drone means surveying with ease and having a visual backup in the form of photographs and video. These images are of a high quality allowing a close up inspection that might not normally be possible.

You do not need to spend a huge amount of money on any access equipment or scaffolding. Instead using a drone in the first instance means a quick, quality service.

Please contact us if you need any help with a survey , building inspection or you have any questions on how we can assist your business.