Drone Roof Survey Finds Leak

Recent heavy rain around the Newton Abbot and Torbay area caused a leak that required a roof survey by our drone.

In December water was pouring through the roof of a Devon house. There were no signs of damage that could be seen from the ground. To check the condition of the tiles on the roof we carried out a photographic and video survey. The images were then emailed to a local roofing contractor.

Drone Roof Survey

After a short flight the drone survey of the roof and roof tiles showed a possible issue. The roofing contractor spotted the loose tile from the photographs straight away. He then made arrangements with the home owner to refit the tile and double check the roof condition.

The loose tile.

Whoever you ask to use a drone to survey your roof, building, trees or other structures make sure you check two main things. First check that they have the relevant permissions from the CAA to operate commercially. You can double check their Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) here . Secondly as a holder of a PfCO they should have proof of insurance cover.

If you need to get pictures of video that require more than just a ladder then we would be happy to help. Using a drone is quick and safe especially when you need to look at a tall tree or high roof.

You can have as many images as we can take during our flights. We don’t limit photographs per flight. For more information regarding a drone roof survey or our other services feel free to contact us – we’d be happy to help!

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